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ADVANCED Thoracic Emergency and Critical Care ultrasound course for physicians

A theoretical and practical workshop in advanced skills

The growing interest in Ultrasound for pulmonary and cardiac disorders along with the advent of portable scanners has changed the role of bedside examination in medical care and has enabled clinicians to perform not just accurate diagnosis but also ultrasound guided chest treatment real time. Point of Care ultrasound nowadays overcomes the standard physical exam in a variety of clinical settings, including Critical Care and Emergency Medicine and help the clinician to maximize patients’ healthcare.



The one-day course offers interactive lectures and hands-on training sessions, filled with clinical cases presentations and discussions. With a solid background of basic thorax US, participantswill be able to acquire advanced skills for correct differential diagnosis in main pulmonary and cardiac disorders.

Nonetheless the course will introduce physicians to ultrasound guided invasive procedure with a systematic and safe intra and post procedural approach.

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TO up skill healthcare professionals that have already a consolidated lung and cardiac ultrasound basic skills in order to maximize their potential

TO learn how to recognize key pathological features and differential diagnosis in the main thoracic disorders with very similar ultrasound patterns

TO gain confidence in ultrasound guided main invasive procedure such as pleura drain and pericardiocentisis

TO discuss difficult clinical cases and ultrasound examinations under the supervision of our faculty instructors.




The course is led by instructors with different specialty backgrounds, such as Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Anesthesiology and Radiology.

Therefore it will be of interest to physicians working in Critical Care, Respiratory and Cardiology Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Medicine, Internal medicine and Urgent Care Medicine who are interested in consolidating and developing their skills in bedside ultrasonography and ultrasound guided invasive procedure.



A Certification of Attendance and study material to review will be provided two weeks after the end of the course.

The material will consist of PowerPoint slides covering the course sessions and educational links to Sonowebsites.


Price:  Specialists/Resident physicians/ST : 5000 SEK excl. VAT 

Dates: May 22nd2019

October 23rd2019


Location: Vendevägen 89, 182 32 Danderyd



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