Jesper Danielson, M.D., Radiologiology Consultant, Head of Ultrasound Department,  Department of Radiology, Capio St Göran Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. Member of Ultrasound Academy.

Dr. Jesper Danielson is a Swedish radiologist and has been Director of Capio S:t Görans hospital ultrasound-unit since 2006. Dr. Danielson has been teaching bedside ultrasound to non-radiologists, such as EM and critical care, since 2009. He is a co-founder of many ultrasound companies, such as SonoSweden, SonoAcademy and Ultrasound Academy. His expertise is abdominal ultrasound, having significant experience with ultrasound contrast. He’s also an avid birdwatcher with 3045 species on the world list, so if you see him in the branch of a tree outside your house, don’t be alarmed.
Mail: jesper@sonoacademy.eu


Jens Lundgren, D.N., Clinical practitioner, teacher. Head of Ultrasound Department InMo MT Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr. of naprapathy. Jens is working in a private clinic in Stockholm with his main expertise in musculoskeletal sonography (MSKUS). He has been specializing in MSKUS since 2010. Teaching and spreading the MSKUS message in Sweden and internationally has been his mantra ever since. By his colleges he would be described as the complete ultrasound nerd and by his friends as a adventure seeking surfer, climber, mountainbiker and skier. 

Mail: jens@sonoacademy.eu


Martin Cronholm, D.N., Clinical practitioner, teacher. Senior Consultant  Ultrasound Department InMo MT, Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr. of naprapathy and personal trainer. Martin is working in a private clinic and specializes in musculoskeletal sonography of the various disorders and injuries he encounter in every day practice.
He is a total ultrasound fanatic and super serious about spreading the word of the important role of MSKUS in modern sports medicine. He also works as a teacher and consultant in MSKUS.

Mail: martin@sonoacademy.eu


Serena Rovida, M.D, Internal Medicine Consultant, Emergency Medicine Registrar. Department of Emergency Medicine.Linköping University Hospital, Linköping, Sweden.

Dr. Serena Rovida is an Italian Internal Medicine Consultant, currently attending her second round in Emergency Medicine in Sweden. She worked as in ER  in London previously where she worsened her ultrasound flu. She is in charge of several bedside ultrasound courses and research projects, aiming to spread the viral Jelly-flu with other enthusiast colleagues. She is a triathlon addicted too, so grab a pair of training shoes as she might challenge you in the middle of a US session.
Mail: serena@sonoacademy.eu


Kristian Berg, D.N., Clinical practitioner, teacher, writer. Stockholm, Sweden.






Guest lecturers


Giampaolo Martinelli, M.D., Anesthesiology Consultant, Intensive Care Society (ICS) Mentor, Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit. St Bartholomew’s Hospital, NHS, London.
Dr. Giampaolo Martinelli is an Italian physician currently serving the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care  Unit at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. 




Roberto Cosentini, M.D., Director of NIV Task force Europe. Internal medicine, Respiratory Medicine and Anesthesiology Consultant, Director of EAS (ITU), Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, Bergamo, Italy.
Dr. Roberto Cosentini is an Italian Emergency and Respiratory Medicine Physician, currently Director of the Sun Intensive Unit and ED in Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, Italy. His extensive experience with NIV since the 90’s made him member of the European NIV task Force, EBBM mentor and EuSEUM member. Besides his driven enthusiasm in teaching bedside ultrasound and acute respiratory insufficiency to medical students and trainees, he is known for his passion for acoustic guitar and digital photography, so you may hand up in a Beatles re-making video after meeting him.
Mail: info@sonoacademy.eu

Parmy Deol, M.D., FCEM, GP, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Department of Emergency Medicine, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, NHS, London.
Dr. Parmy Deol is a ….
He is known for his smiling kindness even when the fire is up in the Emergency Department, so a chat with him is highly recommended if you aim to the ‘Karma’ once in life.
Mail: info@sonoacademy.eu



Kumaran Selvarajah, M.D, Ultrasound Fellow in Emergency Medicine. Department of Emergency Medicine, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, NHS, London.

Dr. Kumaran Selvarajah is the Ultrasound Fellow in Emergency Medicine at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. He is faculty on several ultrasound courses in the UK and is currently reading for an MSc in Medical Education. He has a special interest in the use of Point of Care ultrasound in cardiovascular shock and difficult vascular access. He’s also a competitive latin american ballroom dancer when he’s not wheeling around the ultrasound machine.


Niccolo’ Parri, M.D., Paediatrician, Department of Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center.  Meyer’s University Children’s Hospital, Florence, Italy.
Chair of the Paediatric Section at  EuSEM.  Member of P2 network, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON.




Ron Berant, M.D., Ph.D., Paediatrician, Paediatric Emergency Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON. Lead of Point of Care Ultrasound, Department of Emergency Medicine,    Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel.