MSK and soft tissue ultrasound conference

       Basic  musculoskeletal and soft tissue US course on normal anatomy and pathologies

Stockholm, October 15-17th 2018

NB! Closed for further bookings!

Point-of-care US is a reliable and accurate diagnostic imaging tool for musculoskeletal and soft tissue structures and their associated disorders.

We specifically created this training opportunity for non-radiologist physicians who are either new to ultrasonography or who would like to enhance already existing technical skills.

The faculty welcomes you on board !


No matter whether you are new to ultrasound or musculoskeletal imaging or have previous experience, this course will help you to acquire a solid approach to imaging by following standard protocols and teach you how to properly evaluate and access target areas for simple interventional procedures.

If you are a novice with no background in noninvasive imaging at all, the course will provide you with a solid foundation in ultrasonography as well as clear scanning protocols and study materials for your review afterwards.

For those not new to ultrasonography you will be given the opportunity to refine your technical skills and learn new scanning approaches.

In the evening the “show” will go on.

Interactive hands-on sessions will be offered, where you and your colleagues together with the faculty instructors will have an opportunity to scan each other, discuss clinical cases or simply relax in a nice friendly atmosphere.

The conference will address the following areas

 -  Normal anatomy and landmarks upper extremities including shoulder, wrist and hand. Common pathology.

-  Normal anatomy and landmarks lower extremities including  hip, knee, ankle and foot. Common pathology.  

-  Main soft tissue disorders.

The aims of the course are

TO enhance imaging skills and gain confidence in being able to differentiate normal from abnormal findings.

TO learn how to optimize image acquisition,  to be able to identify artifacts and how to minimize and overcome them.

TO be able to apply a systematic protocol for evaluating each extremity joint and optimizing image quality through proper machine control.

TO be able to use various ultrasound machines and demo models under the supervision of our faculty instructors.

The course will furthermore provide

1.   Live models, but preferably you will scan on your colleagues and they will scan on you. This will provide you with a better understanding of the skills needed for optimal MSK scanning.

2.   practical material such as brochure and powerpoint slides covering the didactic sessions as well as links to educational Sono websites two weeks before the course schedule so that you can start to familiarise yourself with the subject.

 Every participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course. Those participants interested in receiving continuous medical education credits will be given the opportunity to take a test and to prepare a small portfolio of clinical cases within 4 months following the course.

Location: Medema Head Office. Torshamnsgatan 39, Kista (Stockholm), Sweden.

Dates: 15-17 of October 2018

Price: 8500 SEK excl. VAT