BASIC Thoracic Emergency and Critical Care ultrasound course for physicians

A theoretical and practical workshop in basic skills

May 20-21st 2019

October 21-22nd 2019

The advent of portable scanners has changed the role of ultrasound in medical care and has enabled clinicians to perform ultrasonography at the bedside. From simply being an extension of the physical exam, ultrasonography is nowadays a powerful diagnostic tool in the hand of non-radiologist physicians in a variety of clinical settings, including Critical Care and Emergency Medicine.  Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) enables fast, repetitive and radiation-free diagnostic assessment of multiple medical and surgical conditions.

Our world-class international faculty welcomes you on board !

The Course

The course builds on interactive lectures, live demo models and hands-on training sessions. Using standard protocols course participants will acquire a solid technical approach to thoracic ultrasonography and learn how to evaluate and access target areas for investigation, recognizing key pathological features.

Course participants will be able to practice scanning techniques together with faculty in a supportive and enjoyable environment building a foundation for a definitive diagnostic practice.

The aim of the course

TO understand the basic principles of ultrasonography and to be able to recognize normal anatomy through didactic sessions and hands-on work stations.

TO learn how to optimize imaging; how to identify artifacts and how to minimize and overcome them; to differentiate normal from abnormal findings.  

TO gain confidence in imaging the most common pathologies in children by using a systematic protocol-based scanning approach.

TO be able to use various ultrasound machines and demo models under the supervision of our faculty instructors.

Target audience:

The course is lead by instructors with different specialty backgrounds, such as Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Anesthesiology and Radiology.  

The course will be of interest to physicians working in Critical Care and Respiratory Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Medicine, Internal medicine and Urgent Care Medicine who are interested in improving their skills in bedside ultrasonography.

A Certification of Attendance and study material to review will be provided two weeks after the end of the course.

The material will consist of powerpoint slides covering the course sessions and educational links to Sono websites.


Resident physicians/ST : 8000 SEK excl. VAT 

Intern physicians/AT : 2500 SEK excl. VAT


May 20-21st 2019

October 21-22nd 2019

Location: Vendevägen 89, 182 32 Danderyd




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